siglar carbon monitoring & reporting

Track, measure and reduce emissions

Siglar Carbon Monitoring & Reporting covers all Sea Cargo Charter reporting requirements and gives you a complete overview of CO2 emissions from TC, COA and spot chartering. Measurements and reporting are done in line with IMO and EU requirements and provide valuable third party verification.

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Monitoring & Reporting

Siglar Carbon Monitoring & Reporting gives you tailored analytics of chartering emissions. The data is available at voyage level, department level and company level and it is updated daily.

Monitoring and reporting is done in line with IMO principles, and it provides valuable third party verification of chartering emisisons.

  • Cover all Sea Cargo Charter reporting requirements, including ballast leg calculations
  • Monitor emissions performance on company, segment and voyage level
  • Complete overview of total emissions (tonnes) and emission intensity (g/tonmile)
  • Identify the exposure to carbon cost

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