Siglar for traders

How do carbon emissions impact your trading?

Siglar helps you measure and manage carbon emissions related to your trading decisions, so that you can reduce your emissions and your exposure

Monitoring & Reporting

MEASURE emissions from your trading decisions with our simple to use dashboard.

  • Prepare for the future commodity trading where CO2 emissions will severly affect your trading
  • Monitor your daily and aggregated CO2 exposure at the company level, department level and single voyage level
  • Monitor any ship type, segment and trade
  • Comply with internal and external reporting demands
  • Prepare for coming carbon pricing systems
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MANAGE emissions from your trading decisions with our in-depth carbon analysis.

  • Map internal CO2 drivers, and identify potential reductions
  • Manage climate risk
  • Benchmark your CO2 performance against your peers
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Efficiency Platform

Take action to REDUCE emissions from your trading. Our coming carbon efficient chartering platform estimates and reports CO2 emissions prior to, during and upon completion of voyages.

  • Know the carbon emissions impact of your commercial and operational options
  • Identify the option that fits your company’s CO2 strategy
  • Reduce CO2 exposure where it is most efficient
  • Make CO2 emissions a criterion for negotiations
  • Utilize operational flexibility to reduce CO2 exposure
  • Ensure continuous improvements in CO2 performance, and thereby gain a competitive edge
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Achieve significant CO2 emissions reductions with Siglar’s CO2 efficient chartering  

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Make your CO2 performance a competitive edge

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