Emissions allowances you can navigate with ease

It's hard to settle EU allowances without the proper analytics and EUA statements. With our EUA Risk Manager, you get detailed numbers and neutral, validated statements. Finally you can manage your allowances with confidence and trust!

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Transform your cost control and risk management – all at once

Get accurate analytics and neutral reports for efficient, confident EU Allowance Management.

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Secure settlement of EUA cost

EUA insights tailored for the commercial process allow you to control cost and manage risk.

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Avoid conflicts

EUA estimates and reports from an independent provider reduce risk of disagreement in commercial negotiations.

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Watch your margins

Insightful EUA analytics, tailored for the commercial process, help you succeed in negotiations.

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Know the answers

Daily monitoring provides complete documentation of any deviation from estimates.

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Get the right decision support

Detailed data tailored for the commercial process improves your decisions.

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Don’t fall behind

With the EUA Risk Manager you can start embedding EUA cost into your commercial decisions today.

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Being a Siglar client requires no IT investment and no installation. All you need to get started is a web browser. Get in touch now, and we’ll tell you more!

EUA-Risk Screen
EUA-Risk Screen
EUA-Risk Screen

Core Features

Verify Reports
EUA risk management dashboard


Emissions calculator
Daily validated ship emissions data


Vessel Benefit calculator
Validated EUA statements for each voyage


Overview of exposure broken down to voyage level


Data Collection
Emissions and EUAs pinpointed to voyage legs.


Contract image
EUA clauses for commercial contracts


The EUA Risk Manager trial

Step by step

EUManager Trail - Step by Step
EUManager Trail - Step by Step

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