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How will the
iMPACT commercial Shipping?

Do you know how carbon cost impacts your shipping program? Or do you have questions about the inclusion of shipping in the EU ETS?
In this webinar Siglar Carbon founders, Sigmund Kyvik and Geir Olafsen let you know what’s worth knowing about the EU ETS - from a chartering perspective. They also quantify the ETS exposure at company level and on benchmark routes and give tips on how to manage your EU ETS exposure.

Webinar Agenda

The European Union Emissions Trading System
 Short description of shipping's inclusion in the EU ETS - from a chartering perspective.

The commercial impact of the Emissions Trading System
Examples and cases quantifying carbon cost exposure at company level, segment level, voyage level and on benchmark routes.  

Solutions and next steps
Understand the carbon cost exposure of your shipping program and get tips on how you can use emissions insights in your day to day chartering decisions and negotiations to leverage risks and opportunities.

Our expert speakers answer your questions. 


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Sigmund Kyvik and Geir Olafsen founded Siglar Carbon in 2016 after deciding to do something about the lack of data driven decision-making in commercial shipping. They soon realised another major industry challenge, namely the need to cut shipping emissions. They took on both challenges and decided to give the industry a digital tool enabling data driven and carbon efficient decisions..

Sigmund Kyvik

Sigmund Kyvik

Sigmund is the CEO of Siglar Carbon and he has a lifelong career and extensive network in global shipping and trading. Prior to the Siglar experience Simund was Global lead trader for Equinor light ends.

Portrait of Siglar Carbon CDO Geir Olafsen

Geir Olafsen

Geir is CDO of Siglar Carbon and his experience spans from shipping analytics, markets and brokerage , and building digital solutions combining business intelligence with industry experience.

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