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EU ETS carbon cost

Understand your emissions so that you can mitigate risks and seize opportunities related to carbon cost. Sign up here and we will model the  EU ETS exposure of your shipping and trading activities for free.  

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FREE EU ETS Analysis

Understand your emissions and EU ETS cost

Whether you’re a charterer or a ship owner and whether your shipping program includes one or one thousand ships, our experts can model your future EU ETS cost exposure.

Decision Making
Control risk

Understand emissions related to your shipping and trading program.

Make cost efficient decisions

Know the carbon and cost consequence of your chartering decisions.

Know where to cut emissions

Identify emissions drivers in your shipping and trading program.

Know your strenghts and weaknesses

Get the insight you need before entering commercial negotiations.

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Being a Siglar client requires no IT investment and no installation. All you need to get started is a web browser. Get in touch now, and we’ll tell you more!

Expert Analysis

The Siglar Carbon expert analysis will:

  • estimate carbon emissions related to your shipping and trading programme
  • estimate the EU ETS cost exposure related to your shipping and trading programme
  • provide advice on how to reduce emissions and cost

To understand how emissions impact the financial exposure of your shipping and trading activities sign up for our analysis!

FREE EU ETS Analysis

Why choose us?

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, our powerful data and insights will help you make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions.

The industry's most accurate emissions estimates
We spot your emission drivers and areas of improvement
Detailed emissions data tailored for commercial decision-makers

You don't have to do it alone

Let Siglar Carbon take care of the entire process - from collecting, validating and reporting to analysing emissions data. 

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Siglar is more than just software

Siglar’s experienced team is here to ensure collection of high-quality data directly from all your chartered ships and to make sure reporting runs smoothly. We also help you get the most out of the Siglar Carbon Efficiency platform.  


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