About Siglar

Siglar is an independent Norwegian provider of actionable insights leading to substantial reduction in CO2 emissions in the shipping industry.

We provide neutral insights into emissions and we strive to create a common ‘carbon language’ that stimulates all players along the value chain to spot and cut emissions drivers.


We want to reduce CO2 emissions substantially

Our mission is to enable responsible charterers and shipowners to reduce their CO2 emissions substantially, thus strengthening their environmental credentials and giving them a competitive edge. 

We leverage big data and base our analytics on pure mathematics with no subjective input, creating a factual foundation to identify the most sustainable and profitable charter solutions – all available in one integrated chartering platform.

Our Team

Our team has extensive global experience in the shipping industry. From trading, chartering and shipbroking to analytics, operations and sea-going experience. We also have a track record with value-creating processes related to capturing and processing industry data, to convert it into actionable insight. We work with leading-edge technology environments to accelerate the digital transformation in the shipping industry.

Meet the founders

Our Values


In-depth knowledge of the shipping industry and our customers’ needs is the cornerstone of our operations.


We constantly look for new ways to make chartering more efficient and sustainable.


We are independent. Our recommen­dations are data based, thus making us a reliable and preferred partner in chartering.

"We want to help sustainable shipowners achieve higher fleet utilization and improved return on their green investments. "

Geir Olafsen, CDO Siglar