Settle EU allowances with confidence and trust

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What will be my cost related to EU allowance? Who will pay for what? How will the cost be passed on? How can I manage my EUA risks?
These are some of the questions that will have to be managed in commercial contracts on voyages due 2024 onwards. Detailed and accurate accounting of carbon emissions is crucial when settling EU allowances (EUA) in the value chain.
EU Risk Flowchart
EU Risk Flowchart

Siglar Carbon’s EUA Risk Manager provides detailed emissions analytics and neutral and validated EUA statements so that you can settle EU allowances with confidence and trust.

Nominate 5 voyages for free to test the power of EUA insights.

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EUA Risk Manager

Settling EU allowances with confidence and trust

Secure settlement
of EUA cost
EUA insights tailored for the
commerial process allow you to control cost and manage risk.
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Avoid conflicts
EUA estimates and reports from an independent provider reduce risk of disagreement in commercial negotiations.
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Watch your
Insightful EUA analytics, tailored for the commercial process, help you succeed in negotiations.
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Know the answers
Daily monitoring provides complete documentation of any deviation from estimates.
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Get the right decision support
Detailed data tailored for the commercial process improves your decisions.

Don’t fall behind
With the EUA Risk Manager you can start embedding EUA cost into your commercial decisions today.
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EUA-Risk Screen
EUA-Risk Screen
EUA-Risk Screen
EUA risk management dashboard
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Daily validated ship emissions data
Validated EUA statements for each voyage
carbon planning icon
Overview of exposure broken down to voyage level
Emissions and EUAs pinpointed to voyage legs.
EUA clauses for commercial contracts

The EUA Risk Manager trial

Step by step

EUManager Trail - Step by Step
EUManager Trail - Step by Step
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