Siglar Carbon Reporting Standard

The easy way to report ship emissions

We know.
Reporting shipping emissions can be a pain in the ass. That’s why we’ve made it easy.

We provide a managed service that takes care of everything for you. Our team ensures high-quality data collection directly from the ships, and our standard reporting system is tailored to satisfy any internal or external carbon reporting requirements.

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What's the best reporting solution for you?

5 things to consider when starting to report chartering emissions

A good CO2 reporting solution can automate manual tasks, provide insights to environmental performance, and will allow you to spend valuable time on what really matters – analyzing and decision making. Check out the 5 questions that you need to ask before getting started with emissions reporting.

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Data collection and reporting made easy and secure

Leave the monitoring of your shipping emissions to our dedicated operations team who ensure collection of high-quality data directly from all your chartered ships.

The granular emissions data that we collect will satisfy any reporting regime. The Sea Cargo Charter is an example of schemes that is included in our reporting standard.

Make more time for the work that matters.

Siglar is trusted by global charterers and ship owners to monitor, report and analyse shipping emissions from their chartering activities. The Siglar Reporting Standard is used by 40% of world tanker owners and more than 20% of all spot voyages in the oil and gas market are reported using our standard.

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