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We thoroughly enjoy helping journalists take their stories to a new level with ship emissions data. Due to our world leading predictive and historic emissions analytics we are the go-to company for insights into ship emissions data. ​

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Siglar in short

A company overview

We turn challenges into opportunities

By delivering best in class data-driven decision support we allow charterers to reduce CO2 emissions quickly, significantly and profitably.

We're a trusted industry partner

Our customers trust us to collect, anonymise and reuse their granular emissions data to provide reliable decision support and continuously improve our machine learning models.

Our ship emissions reporting system is rapidly becoming a global standard

18 % of spot voyages in the oil and gas are covered by our standard and 45 % of all tanker owners report emissions to Siglar Carbon.

We predict emissions from tankers with 95 % accuracy

The volume, granularity and high quality of our data enables us to estimate with high accuracy.

Founded in Norway in 2016

Based in Stavanger and Oslo, our team combines extensive global experience in the shipping industry with leading-edge technology development.

Our founders



Sigmund Kyvik and Geir Olafsen

Sigmund and Geir founded Siglar Carbon in 2016 after deciding to do something about the lack of data-driven decision-making in commercial shipping. They soon realised another major industry challenge, namely the need to cut shipping emissions. They took on both challenges and decided to give the industry a digital tool enabling data-driven emissions decisions.​

Today they lead a team of 25 people who combine extensive experience and understanding of the global shipping industry with leading edge technology to predict future shipping emissions, and are proud to say that the Siglar reporting standard is used by 40% of world tanker owners and 20% of all spot voyages in the oil and gas market.

It is the quantity, quality and granularity of Siglar’s data that sets their emission estimates apart from other predictions.

Portrait of Siglar Carbon CEO Sigmund Kyvik

​Sigmund Kyvik (CEO) ​

Sigmund has a lifelong career and extensive network in global shipping and trading. Prior to the Siglar experience he was Global lead trader for Equinor light ends.

Portrait of Siglar Carbon CDO Geir Olafsen

​Geir Olafsen (CDO) ​

25 years in shipping analytics, markets and brokerage, building digital solutions combining business intelligence with industry experience. Geir has an extensive network in global shipping.

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