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“Impact Today” calls for a standard vessel report that will simplify reporting and improve carbon efficiency

April 12, 2022

Siglar Carbon and the “Impact Today” working group are calling for a new standard vessel report that simplifies the reporting process and enhances the quality of data input. High quality data input improves decision foundation and allows for both ship and cargo owners to optimise operation and reduce emissions.

“Impact Today” is a collaboration between Siglar Carbon and 9 other organisations leading the way to a digitalised and decarbonised shipping industry. The group of ship owners, data specialists and optimisation organisations is calling for a new data standard designed to evolve noon reports into holistic vessel reports, and has launched a whitepaper called Vessel Reporting and Data Quality.

Impact Today is an industry working group where Siglar Carbon participates to bring experience with developing standards for emissions reporting.

Shipping is going through a digital maturity phase that is not yet reflected in today’s noon reporting. Upgrading to a standard digital noon report will improve the quality of data input and output, which in turn will improve the ability to locate untapped potential to optimise vessel, voyage and bunker operation and improve carbon efficiency.

Siglar Carbon’s long-term collaboration with charterers to produce standard emissions reporting has been vital to the development of our high-quality historic and predictive emissions analytics which allows the charterers to improve decision-making and reduce emissions where it is most efficient. Geir Olafsen, Siglar Carbon CDO, believes that the broader industry collaboration through “Impact Today” will further improve the industry’s ability to reduce emissions.

“Today there is a myriad of reporting demands. By collaborating and defining a standard, we believe this will simplify and improve the reporting process, which in turn will lead to better and more actionable data to reduce emissions.”

Søren Meyer, CEO of ZeroNorth, the initiator of the working group, also underlines the importance of working together and agreeing upon industry standards.

“Together, the working group, Impact Today, has defined the type of data that we believe is critical to unlocking better optimisation outcomes now and in the future. We welcome wider industry participation and look forward to sharing our results as this vital work continues.”  

In summary, the group presents a vision for how the industry can evolve noon reporting into holistic vessel reports that achieves four main objectives. The standard should

  • be fit for purpose,
  • increase data quality through validation,
  • unlock better optimisation outcomes and
  • ensure alignment of common reporting requirements of important terms.

Read the full whitepaper

The industry coalition behind this white paper, Impact Today, is a decarbonisation working group founded in March of 2021 by ZeroNorth which includes members from Siglar Carbon, EuroNav, FedNav, Cargill, Q88, Maersk Tankers, Ultrabulk and Teekay Tankers.

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