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It's free, it's easy and it gives you a competitive edge.

Everyone can estimate emissions - but only the Siglar Carbon Estimator predicts emissions with approx. 95% accuracy. That way you can be certain that you provide the best in business estimates.

  • Add carbon estimates to your position list to help your customers make carbon efficient and profitable decisions.
  • Get Verified Voyage Emissions Reports

Currently we estimate emissions from tankers, but we will include other segments as soon as we have enough data to ensure a minimum level of 90% accuracy.

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A laptop with Siglar Carbon product on screen

Easy access to expert emissions insight

Use our emissions insight to stay ahead of the game! We make sure to give both cargo and ship owners the info they need as they prepare for the green transition and new emissions regulations.

 Our emissions analytics and estimates will help you provide the information you need to make carbon efficient and profitable decisions.

We cover 20% of all spot voyages in the oil and gas market and 40% of all tanker owners have reported emissions using the Siglar Reporting Standard.

We are trusted by our clients to anonymise and reuse the data to make industry leading emissions insights and benchmarking. The volume, granularity and high quality of our data gives you industry leading estimates and analytics .

Do you want tailored estimates or analytics? Get in touch with our experts.

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A laptop with Siglar Carbon product on screen

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