For shipowners

Make carbon performance your competitive edge

Verify your emissions by an independent third party and promote your carbon performance with credibility.

Monitoring & Reporting

Verify your emissions with our carbon dashboard and analysis.

  • Manifest your environmental efforts with neutral and comparable data
  • Comply with external climate reporting demands
  • Know your exposure to coming carbon cost
  • Benchmark carbon performance internally and externally
  • Track your performance, and make sure it aligns with adopted climate goals
  • Prove your fleet’s superior carbon performance
  • Integrate carbon analytics into your company’s own applications
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Performance Promoting

Promote your carbon performance with our voyage emissions statements.

  • Align with your client's climate strategy
  • Make your carbon performance a competitive edge in discussions with charterers, investors and financial institutions
  • Create a premium market for your green ships
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Net Zero

Offset hard-to-abate emissions by letting Siglar delete allowances in the EU Emissions Trading System

  • Achieve net zero on voyages or fleets by deleting EU emissions allowances
  • Offer carbon neutral shipping to responsible charterers
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