Carbon Efficient chartering

The emissions insight charterers need

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, our powerful data and insight will help you make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions.

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Data collection & quality assurance

Make more time for the work that matters!

Leave the monitoring of your shipping emissions to our dedicated operations team who ensure collection of high-quality data directly from all your chartered ships.

Data collection made easy and secure!

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A laptop with Siglar Carbon product on screen

Full emissions overview

Gain quick understanding and powerful insight with our easy-to-use emissions dashboard.

We structure emissions data from all your chartered ships in one easy-to-use dashboard, so that you do not have to spend time looking for the necessary info or wondering if emissions numbers are comparable.

Regardless of type of ship or contract, comparable emissions data are presented:

  • at company level, segment level and single voyage level
  • in total emissions (tonnes), emissions efficiency (g/ton-mile) and emissions cost exposure (USD)
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Carbon compliance & reporting

No matter what internal or external carbon reporting requirements you face, we've got you covered.

The granular emissions data that we collect and enrich will satisfy any reporting regime and prepare you for future emissions regulations.

  • 3rd party monitoring and verification 
  • Integration of verified emissions data through our API  
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Carbon efficient voyage planning

Know the carbon consequences of your commercial decisions before entering your shipping deal.

Use our best in business emissions estimates to compare the carbon impact of your different voyage alternatives and make data-based decisions to reduce emissions and cost.

40% of world tanker owners have used the Siglar Reporting Standard and 20% of all spot voyages in the oil and gas market are reported using this standard. Our clients trust us to anonymize and reuse their data. The volume, granularity and high quality of the data enables us to predict emissions from all tankers with 95% accuracy.

This enables us to provide our clients with industry leading emissions insight and benchmarking.


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A laptop with Siglar Carbon product on screen

Emissions reductions advisory

Whether your motivation is to meet company targets, understand carbon possibilities and risks or be a leader in the shipping decarbonisation process, our best in business emissions analytics and estimates will help you reduce emissions while keeping profitability and growth in mind.

Get data-driven and actionable insight and tailor your carbon efficient chartering plan together with our emissions analytics experts.

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