How do you manage your carbon performance?

Siglar Carbon Analyser

The Analyser delivers and leverages validated and high quality data, providing the insights needed to understand and improve the carbon efficiency of your chartering activities.

Take the leap

Our approach

With ambitious decarbonisation targets set and carbon cost hitting the shipping industry, understanding your carbon performance and exposure has never been more important.

Simplify emissions management

The Siglar Carbon Analyser provides an easy overview of carbon emitted from all your chartering decisions, simplifying the complexity of carbon emissions management. Tailored for the chartering process, Siglar covers your entire chartering program.

Get a comprehensive and customisable view of your emissions performance from company level down to voyage specifics. With accurate and reliable data at your fingertips, you can understand your exposure and reduce emissions. 

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Key features

Whether it’s spot, TC, COA or owned vessels our reporting process has got you covered.

Analyser screen image
Analyser screen image
Analyser mock screen image
insightful emissions analytics image
Insightful emissions analytics

Complete overview of carbon emissions and performance related to chartering activities, from company level down to daily emissions from single voyages.

EU ETS cost exposure image
EU ETS cost exposure

Monitor the carbon cost exposure under EU ETS and the development through the year, on company level, segment level and single voyage level.

Validated emissions statements image
Validated emissions statements

Voyage emissions validated and documented by neutral third party.

IMO trajectory image
Alignment with IMO trajectory

Carbon performance in line with IMO trajectories, displayed in CII, AER and EEOI.

Cargo Charter image
Sea Cargo Charter compliant

Siglar Carbon meets all Sea Cargo Charter reporting requirements.

API Integration image
API integration

API’s to integrate the carbon reduction tools you need into the platform you use.

You don't have to do it alone

Let Siglar Carbon take care of the entire process - from collecting, validating and reporting to analysing emissions data. 

Siglar is more than just software

Siglar’s experienced team is here to ensure collection of high-quality data directly from all your chartered ships and to make sure reporting runs smoothly. We also help you get the most out of the Siglar Carbon Efficiency platform.  


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Why shipping professionals use the Analyser

The Siglar Carbon data collection, carbon accounting and carbon performance analytics is an end-to-end emissions management solution providing several benefits.

Improve decision-making

Get accurate and timely emissions insights to enable more informed business decisions.

IMO trajectory image
Demystify your carbon exposure

Get estimates of EU ETS eligible emissions and related carbon cost to understand the carbon exposure of your commercial shipping decisions.

insightful emissions analytics image
Prepare for changing regulations

Get insights that reflect changing emissions regulations so that you can reduce risk and spot opportunities.

EU ETS cost exposure image
Make decarbonisation profitable

Identify cost exposure and business opportunities to make decarbonisation profitable.

Free up valuable time

Make data-collection and emissions accounting easy and free up valuable time. 

Increase credibility

Detailed third party emissions insights offer credibility toward stakeholders.

How the Analyser works


Streamlined data collection from all voyages on purpose made webform or API.


Two step QA, with automatic validation of data and review by expert team.


Performance analytics in cloud-based dashboard.

Validated emissions statements image


Reporting in line with industry standards such as EU MRV, Sea Cargo Charter and Glec.

Improve your carbon performance

Contact us to see how the Siglar Carbon Analyser can help improve your carbon performance.

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, you can make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions using the Siglar solutions.

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