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You're transporting a cargo for a carbon conscious charterer

Siglar Carbon has been instructed to collect and verify emissions data for your voyage. The emissions data is used by charterers to fulfill reporting requirements and to facilitate carbon efficient chartering decisions.

Making carbon efficient decisions requires detailed emissions data. At Siglar we have developed the Siglar Carbon Reporting Standard to ensure complete and accurate data in a swift and easy way. Upon completion of the current voyage  you will recieve a Voyage Emissions Report verified by Siglar.

Thank you for contributing to decarbonising maritime transport!

Any questions? Contact our operations team 24/7.

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The independent emissions advisor trusted by the industry

Siglar Carbon is trusted by global charterers and ship owners to monitor, report and analyse shipping emissions from their chartering activities.

The Siglar Reporting Standard is used by 40% of world tanker owners and 20% of all spot voyages in the oil and gas market are reported using this standard.

Our aim is to reduce shipping emissions by promoting carbon and cost efficient commercial decisions.

About Siglar
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The Siglar Carbon Reporting Standard

The Siglar Carbon Reporting Standard is developed to provide the insights that charterers need to make carbon efficient commercial shipping decisions. We collect and quality assure daily emissions data from each voyage to allow the charterer to support a carbon efficient voyage.

You will receive an email with a link to our web based Siglar Carbon Emissions Report. The webform reports consumption and sailed distance each day and is to be included in the noon reporting.

The Siglar Carbon Emissions Report is easy to navigate and quick to use - it should take no more than 30 seconds to fill in and submit the report.

We offer 24/7 operations duty.

Any questions, do not hesitate to contact our operations team at +47 90642020 or

Contact our operations team

Finally, charterers are focusing on what ship owners always have been focusing on; minimum ballast, maximum cargo, minimised fuel consumption!

Today this is called carbon efficiency and forward leaning charterers are well aware of its importance and they are willing to pay for it.

Sigmund Kyvik, CEO Siglar Carbon

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