Siglar Carbon solutions

Are you prepared for the coming carbon cost?

It’s time to start making data-based commercial shipping decisions. We help you take control over emissions and carbon exposure related to your chartering decisions.

Siglar Carbon API

Too many digital platforms?

Don’t worry, we’ve got API’s to integrate the carbon insights tools you need.

Siglar Carbon Efficiency PLATFORM

Are you managing
your carbon exposure?

Get the emissions insights you need to support your commercial shipping decisions - cutting emissions and controlling carbon cost.

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The challenge

A myriad of decarbonisation regulations and targets are set and the carbon cost will hit the industry in 2024. Still, many commercial shipping decisions are made without quality emissions data.

Our solution

The lack of tools to support data-driven decision making in commercial shipping and the need to reduce shipping emissions were the two challenges that the Siglar founders set out to solve in 2016.

Since then, our main goal has been to provide the best solutions for enabling data-driven emissions decisions in commercial shipping.


With the Siglar Carbon solutions you’ve got the insights you need to reduce emissions and control the associated cost exposure from your chartering activities.


The Siglar Carbon Efficiency Platform is our suite of software products that help you understand, predict and improve the carbon consequence of your chartering decisions and control the related carbon cost exposure.

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Siglar Carbon Analyser

Analyse the carbon footprint asosiated with your chartering and shipping activities.

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Siglar Carbon Estimator

Predict emissions fromSiglar Carbon Ship Finderyour next tanker voyage.

Screen shots of the Siglar Carbon Ship Finder

Siglar Carbon Ship Finder  

Rank all alternative ships for a cargo by carbon performance.

Too many digital platforms?

Do you want to access parts or the whole Siglar Carbon platform via your own screens and systems?
Don’t worry, we’ve got API’s to integrate the carbon insights of your choice.


Tailored services

Our experts provide the insights and advice that you need to uncover low hanging carbon and cost reduction potential.

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Siglar Carbon Advisory

Our domain experts provide extensive analysis for clients across the shipping industry - always from a commercial point of view.

Reports emission calculation

Benchmark your performance

Peer benchmarking of the carbon performance of your shipping strategy.

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Get ready for EU ETS 
and CII 

Model and simulate your EU ETS 
cost and your CII rating performance.

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Prepare for carbon offsetting

Third party verification of carbon emissions from transportation, so that you can offset hard-to-abate emissions.

Take the leap

Get free trail of our products or tailored expert advice on how to cut carbon and cost.

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, you can make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions using the Siglar solutions.

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