How to set and meet emissions targets with confidence?

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Unlock your carbon reduction potential and cut related costs with tailored insights and top of the shelf expertise.

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Our approach

Our emissions advisory team consist of experts with background in chartering and trading, shipping analytics and marine engineering. We use best-in-class data analytics to identify emissions drivers, uncover reduction opportunities and help you reach business and sustainability targets with confidence.


Data import: Whether Siglar handles the data collection or you have your own voyage data, our modular approach allows us to tailor our advice to showcase what's important for you .

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Analysis and benchmarking: Our advisory team provides extensive analysis of your shipping program, always with commercial interests in mind. We analyse your EU ETS cost exposure and benchmark your carbon emissions performance against peers using relevant indicators such as CII, EEOI and absolute emissions.

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Recommendations: We identify emissions drivers and quantify improvement potential so that you can set reduction targets and priorities to reach your business and environmental targets.
We also give you insights to support your contractual negotiations.  

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What you get

Deeper knowledge of current emissions drivers, insights into potential areas of improvement and advice on how to enable commercial decarbonisation.

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We understand shipping

Our advisory team provides extensive analysis for clients across the shipping industry, always with commercial interests in mind.  

Unlock your carbon and cost cutting potential

Get extensive analysis of your shipping program to identify main areas of improvement and opportunities.

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Stay ahead of the game

Understand the emissions exposure of your commercial shipping decisions and turn emissions complexity into a competitive edge.

Set and meet targets with confidence

Identify emissions drivers and quantify emissions reduction potential so that you can set and meet both business goals and reduction targets with confidence.

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Benchmark against peers

Benchmark your performance against competitors to know your competitive strengths and improvement potential.

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Get a competitive edge in contractual negotiations

Deep emissions insights allow you to confidently pursue and secure deals that align with your goals.

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Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, you can make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions using the Siglar solutions.

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