Know the reduction potential of your freight deal

August 12, 2020

The Siglar Carbon Emissions Indexes let charterers compare the carbon efficiency of potential ships for their cargo. In this way, substantial reduction potential is highlighted.

Choosing ships can be a major emissions driver, and awareness of variations in CO2 performance is crucial to reducing emissions. Our smart chartering platform estimates the CO2 emissions of all potential ships and rates them according to the estimates, before a charterer negotiates ships for his cargos. This way a responsible charterer can make informed decisions, based on company targets and strategies.

The indexes estimate the amount of CO2 emitted from a specific tanker segment sailing a specific route. They indicate the highest, the lowest and the average level of CO2 emissions from all ships in position for the specific route. These levels change every day according to the available ships’ technology and position. However, the indexes always show great variation in the CO2 performance of the different ships. Geir Olafsen, the CDO of Siglar, monitors the indexes daily, and emphasizes the great reduction potential that exists in the tanker market.

"In the tanker market our indexes indicate that a reduction potential of thousands of tonnes of CO2 per deep sea voyage is normal."

Geir Olafsen, CDO of Siglar

The indexes exemplify four commonly traded tanker routes, but indexes can be made for any route or cargo. Explore the Siglar daily CO2 indexes.

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