Siglar Carbon Estimator™

Estimate CO2 emissions from shipping for FREE!

At Siglar Carbon we want to make it possible for all charterers, traders, brokers and owners to predict and assess their CO2 emissions, prior to entering a transport agreement.

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5 ways to use the Siglar Carbon Estimator in your day-to-day chartering

Aerial view of cargo vessel on teal ocean

SIGLAR FOR traders


Siglar follow emissions calculation methods established by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and we include both technical and behavioural data in our calculations.

We use modern machine learning to constantly improve the accuracy of our predictions. We base our analytics on pure mathematics with no subjective input, creating a factual foundation to identify the most carbon efficient solutions.

Key functionality

Predict and assess

Predict and assess expected carbon emissions from a voyage prior to fixing.


Compare expected CO2 performance of alternative ships and know the carbon consequence of both the ballast and the laden leg.

Reduce emissions

Make informed decisions that are carbon and cost efficient.

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