Evaluating emissions from shipping pre-fixture is complex

Siglar Carbon Estimator

Estimate carbon emissions from your next voyage with ease.


Our approach

Estimate carbon emissions for any tanker* on any voyage.

Factor carbon into your decision with ease

The Siglar Carbon Estimator makes it easy for charterers, traders, brokers and owners to predict and assess CO2 emissions from tanker voyages pre-fixture. 

The Estimator is the best tool to estimate carbon emissions from your planned voyages. Built on high quality emissions data, it enables shipping professionals to make carbon efficient and profitable decisions with confidence. 

Factor carbon into your decision to unlock significant carbon emissions cuts with quick and accurate carbon estimates.

* The Siglar Carbon Estimator will be released in the dry bulk and container market as soon as we collect enough data to achieve the necessary level of accuracy.

A laptop with Siglar Carbon product on screen

Key features

Pre-fixture emissions estimates

Accurate and quick predictions of ship specific carbon estimates for your next voyage.

EU ETS cost exposure

Estimates of voyage EU ETS cost displayed in lumpsum and dollars per tonne cargo carried.

Voyage CII rating

The CII rating of the voyage is estimated according to IMO calculations.

High accuracy carbon estimates

Highly accurate emissions estimates based on big data that is automatically validated before it is quality assured by Siglar experts.

Why shipping professionals use the Carbon Estimator

Improve decision-making

Factor carbon into the planning and fixing of ships for your cargo and make confident decisions to reduce emissions.

Demystify carbon exposure

Get estimates of EU ETS eligible emissions and related carbon cost to understand the carbon exposure of a voyage.

Get a competitive edge

Understand the carbon footprint of ships you consider for your planned voyage and turn emissions complexity into a competitive edge.

How the Estimator works


Select ship by name or IMO number.


Adjust load quantity.


Select your destination, load port and ballast port.


Review carbon emissions and alignment with IMO.

Want to know more about our carbon estimates?

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Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, you can make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions using the Siglar solutions.