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Are you ready for the coming carbon cost?
Whether you’re a charterer or a ship owner, whether your shipping program includes one or one thousand ships - our experts can model your future EU ETS cost exposure. Sign up here and we will model the  exposure of your chartering activities for free.

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The Siglar Carbon Cost Exposure Analysis

Understand the carbon cost exposure of your shipping program

The EU ETS cost is only months away from hitting shipping and it's becoming more important than ever to understand your exposure. That's why we offer a free EU ETS analysis to provide you with the insights you need to understand and mitigate your exposure.

Our expert report will:

If you want to understand the exposure of your chartering activities, your first step should be to sign up for our analysis.

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The Siglar Carbon Cost Exposure Analysis

Key benefits

Multiple Tankers moving


Control risk

Understand the exposure of your full shipping program.


Make cost efficient decisions

Know the carbon and cost consequence of your chartering decisions.


Understand where to cut emissions

Locate emissions drivers in your shipping program.


Limit conflicts in negotiations

Get the insight you need before entering commercial negotiations  

Siglar Carbon

Why choose us?

Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, our powerful data and insight will help you make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions.

The most accurate emissions estimates in the industry
Detailed emissions data revealing emissions drivers and where to make efficient cuts
Tailored for commercial decision-makers
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