Find the most carbon efficient ship at the click of a button

Now you can cut through the complexity of finding carbon efficient ships. In seconds, the Siglar Carbon Ship Finder evaluates all potential ships that can physically reach your load window and ranks them according to expected carbon footprint, enabling substantial emissions cuts.

Several thousand tonnes of CO2 per voyage can often be saved by separating the ships on the high-end of the ranking from the ships on the low-end.

The most efficient moment for limiting emissions is when planning the voyage. It is also the best moment to identify commercial opportunities from slashing emissions. The Ship Finder is tailor-made for spot chartering and enables commercial decarbonisation by making data-confident choices that cut emissions and reduce cost exposure.

From an easy-to-operate dashboard you will be able to:

  1. Select arrival window
  2. Select ship type
  3. Load port
  4. Add the cargo quantity
  5. Choose the discharge port

The Siglar Carbon Ship Finder allows for individual adaptations and has an intuitive user interface. In a matter of just seconds you will generate an updated position list of ships ranked according to predicted CO2 emissions.

The predictions are based on vessel particulars including IMO number, ship type, vessel position, ballast leg, capacity and the effect of the ballast leg. Using a 20-day voyage as an example, The Siglar Carbon Ship Finder has a 90 % accuracy in its estimates – always in compliance with IMO’s standards- .

The three performance indicators shown are:

  • Total tonnes of CO2 - to ensure neutral comparison between ships
  • Benchmarking performance against IMO trajectory - to cover the Sea Cargo Charter requirements
  • EU/ETS eligible emissions - to highlight your carbon cost exposure

The Siglar Carbon Ship Finder comprises all the relevant metrics that the charterers need to succeed with their commercial decarbonisation. Let us show you how easy it is to turn the complexity of shipping emissions into a competitive advantage.

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