Need to document shipping emissions for carbon offsetting?

Siglar Verified Reports

With Siglar Verified Reports the entire process is taken care of, from collection of data to verification and documentation of emissions.


How it works?


Relevant emissions data is collected daily from the ship. Our detailed data collection ensures high-quality reports.


Reported data is validated in a two-step process, using both automatic checks and our experienced operations team to ensure high quality data input.


Siglar Carbon issues a certificate quantifying the total CO2 emissions of the voyage and documenting the applied methodology.

The result

Neutral third party documentation of quantified and verified CO2 emissions from your shipping activities. Ready for carbon offsetting.

Why shipping professionals use Verified Reports

Track and document emission with ease

By partnering with us, you can easily track and document your carbon footprint.

Get peace of mind

We handle everything, from data collection to verification, so you don't have to worry.

Stay compliant

Document carbon emissions from seaborne transportation with high-quality, data-driven reports to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Demonstrate environmental efforts

Get third party documentation of carbon footprint to demonstrate your actions to reduce your environmental footprint.

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Whether you’re just getting started or leading the way in shipping decarbonisation, you can make carbon efficient and profitable shipping decisions using the Siglar solutions.