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The challenge

A myriad of decarbonisation regulations and targets are set and the carbon cost will hit the industry in 2024. Still, many commercial shipping decisions are made without quality emissions data.

Our solution

The lack of tools to support data-driven decision making in commercial shipping and the need to reduce shipping emissions were the two challenges that the Siglar founders set out to solve in 2016.

Since then, our main goal has been to provide the best solutions for enabling data-driven emissions decisions in commercial shipping.


With the Siglar Carbon solutions you’ve got the insights you need to reduce emissions and control the associated cost exposure from your chartering activities.

Siglar Carbon Analyser

How do you manage your carbon performance?

The Analyser delivers and leverages validated and high quality data, providing the insights needed to understand and improve the carbon efficiency of your chartering activities.

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Siglar Carbon Estimator

Evalutating emissions from shipping pre-fixture is complex

Estimate carbon emissions from your next voyage with ease.

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Siglar Carbon Index

Our daily and data-driven indexes let shipping professionals understand the expected carbon exposure of main shipping routes.

Siglar Carbon Index
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