MEPC77: Will IMO lead shipping decarbonisation?

November 19, 2021

Will the IMO change its course towards net zero shipping and lead shipping decarbonisation or will others be forced to take up the challenge? We give you the agenda of the MEPC77 meeting and keep you up to date on the outcomes.

The IMO is set to meet between 22nd and 26th November for the 77th Marine Environment Protection Committee meeting to discuss mid-term measures as part of the Initial Strategy to reduce GHG emissions in the shipping industry. The 76th MEPC meeting received criticism for setting the bar too low and following the COP26 and the industry’s commitment to zero decarbonisation by 2050, all eyes are on the IMO. Will the IMO align their strategy with the rest of the industry and solidify their leadership role in shipping decarbonisation or will others have to step up to the challenge?

MEPC 77 Agenda

  • Proposal to revise the IMO’s initial strategy and align with net zero decarbonisation by 2050
  • Establishment of a clear regulatory path towards zero emission fuels, which on a well-to-wake basis emit zero GHG emissions.
  • Proposal for the IMO Maritime Research Fund
  • Proposal for an International Maritime Research and Development Board (IMRB)
  • Market-based measures (GHG levy, a GHG fuel standard, a GHG cap-and-trade system)
  • Proposed amendments to CII and EEXI  

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