Siglar Carbon Index

VLCC Ras Tanura/Ningbo

Expected carbon emissions on the VLCC Ras Tanura/Ningbo route.

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Estimated carbon emissions

Expected emissions

Tonnes of CO2:


Tonnes of CO2:


Tonnes of CO2:


Index history

Representative ship, upper emissions range

Middle emissions range

Lower emissions range

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Carbon cost exposure

Our freely available indexes indicate the carbon exposure of the most commonly traded routes and also the carbon cost exposure related to the routes that will be eligible under the European Emissions Trading System from 2024.

This route is not eligible under the current EU ETS proposal. However, the ballast leg will be eligible if departing from an EU port.

Oil tanker on green ocean

Emissions calculations

We model emissions on an individual ship and voyage basis using a data first approach. Actual reported consumption data from ship voyages is collected at a granular level and used to train and optimize our emissions estimation model.Index calculations.

The indexes are calculated combining Siglar Carbon’s ship availability algorithms with Siglar Carbon emissions estimation models. The emissions range timeline is based on a daily updated list of available ships, where the upper range line is represented by one of the ships with the highest total emissions number (95th percentile of the result distribution), the middle line represents a ship with average emissions (50th percentile) and the bottom line represents a ship with low emissions (5th percentile). The index change numbers indicate daily changes in emissions.

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